The Colours of Mana Highlighted in New Coin Note Collection

Experience the magic and wonder of the colours of mana! The legendary Planeswalkers feature on our brand new Magic: The Gathering Silver Coin Note Collection.

This scintillating new coin notes celebrates all five colours of mana in Magic: The Gathering, with each individual coin note commemorating each colour series: Black, Blue, Red, Green and White.

Devised by Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield, the colour system is one of the game's most fundamental and iconic elements. It gives the game diversity in its cards, effects, and play styles, while preventing any one deck from having every tool in the game.

Each colour signifies an ideological faction, whose culture defines the flavour and gameplay of its cards, as well as its relations with the other colours. Each colour has its own means and motivation for doing battle in Magic: The Gathering, which tie into its strengths, weaknesses, and unique mechanics.

These attractive and dazzling new coin notes artistically combine both colour and engraving, featuring legendary Planeswalkers from each series.

Officially licensed by Hasbro, and with only 25,000 coin notes available worldwide these limited-edition coin notes will make a spectacular and affordable precious metal gift for Magic: The Gathering fans and collectors.

Magic: The Gathering Collectible Coin - Blog Post

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