Disney’s Minnie Mouse stars on latest collectible coins!

Minnie appeared in over 70 cartoons with Mickey Mouse and Pluto. Walt Disney himself provided the voice for Minnie in the earliest cartoons, but from early 1930s that role was passed on to other staff. She has been a popular character at the Disney parks, where 1986 was declared Minnie’s year, giving her much deserved recognition for the joy she has brought to many during her illustrious career.

These charming, engraved 1oz silver, ¼oz gold and 1oz gold coins show Minnie Mouse as she appeared in Disney cartoons in the 1930s and rocking her famous polka dots!

The coin is presented in a high-quality inner coin case and delightful Minnie Mouse-themed packaging. A Certificate of Authenticity is housed inside the coin case confirming each coin as legal tender in Niue and guaranteeing its limited mintage.

Just as Minnie touches hearts and brings joy wherever she goes, we are sure her coins will do the same. So, don’t wait too long to order yours!

Minnie Mouse Silver and Gold Coins

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