The Empire’s Stormtrooper Stuns in Silver

Following the release of our first Star WarsTM solid silver miniature for Darth VaderTM, we have created his accompanying foot soldier, the StormtrooperTM, for our first release for 2020. With only 1,000 available worldwide, you won’t want to miss your shot at owning one!

Guaranteed minimum 130g sterling silver this amazingly accurate design, by 3D master sculptor Alejandro Pereira Ezcurra, shows one of the faceless villains holding a blaster rifle ready for action.

Stormtroopers are equipped with a variety of armors, worn over a black body glove, and weapons to aid them in particular combat or environmental situations.

The primary Stormtrooper armor was created by the Imperial Department of Military Research and is made up of 18 individual, overlapping plastoid composite plates and synth-leather boots to allow for mobility, while also dispersing energy and protecting the wearer from glancing blaster bolts. A reinforced alloy plate ridge protects the user's upper thigh while the left upper side of the shin armor has a sniper position knee-protector plate to improve accuracy when crouching. The reinforced combat helmet features an integrated comlink.

Standard Stormtroopers use E-11 Blaster rifles as their primary weapon, but have you ever wondered what that cylindrical item is on the back of their utility belt? It’s an N-20 Baradium-core thermal detonator. These specialised thermal detonators allow each Stormtrooper to set the level of blast intensity as well as timing, ranging anywhere from six to 18 seconds.

Naturally you can see all this detail on the miniature which stands approx. 8.3cm tall. The silver purity, Lucasfilm copyright and unique production number are detailed on the base. This imposing figurine also arrives with an additional display stand inside a high-quality Star Wars themed case.

Add this notorious member of the army of the Dark Lord of the SithTM to your collection. Together with the Darth Vader miniature they make a dramatic duo!

Star Wars - Stormtrooper 130g Pure Silver Miniature

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