Introducing our new website

It gives me great pleasure to announce the unveiling of New Zealand Mint’s redeveloped website. Our old website has served us well over the past four years, but did not give the customer experience that we were really wishing to offer you.
As a result of customer feedback, and our own internal think tank, we can now offer you what we hope is a much improved destination to browse, select and purchase your New Zealand Mint coins and coin collections.

So What’s New?

1. Responsive Web Design, means that whether you wish to browse on a laptop, or your favoured tablet or smartphone, pages have been designed to translate to the size of the screen you are using.

2. Improved Graphics and Animations. We have partnered with a clever company here in Auckland to animate some of our coin portfolio. This initiative will be rolled out progressively, but you can see what we mean on our Cinderella, Aurora and Thunderbird 5 Silver 1 Oz coin pages. You are now able to view these coins as a high quality three dimensional animation, giving more detail. We have also enhanced our zoom feature on web pages.

3. Improved payment options. As a result of customer requests, in addition to payment by Visa and Mastercard, we are now accepting payment by Paypal for coins. In addition, while our New Zealand based customers can continue to purchase in $NZD, we are moving to $USD for all international purchases for the benefit of our customers, and to remove any card company exchange rate issues.

4. Premium Certificates. For the first time, we are also offering a new option for customers - Premium Certificates. On select coins, we will offer customers the exclusive opportunity to purchase low number certificates for their favourite coins, including Number 0001. Look out for the ‘Premium Certificates’ Logo on products where this is offered. This represents a special opportunity for fans of a coin collection, or programme to secure a super special numbered certificate to partner their coin.

5. Bullion Price Charts. For our bullion customers, we have partnered to now offer you enhanced chart functionality to allow you to more easily track the trends in Gold and Silver value over time.