Disney Princess Belle Coins

Intelligent, beautiful Belle, dreams of adventures in the great wide world. When she first takes her father’s place in the enchanted castle, Belle is frightened of the Beast. But as time passes, she sees the goodness inside him. With encouragement from the enchanted objects, Belle’s courage and love break the spell that binds the Beast, and takes Belle on the greatest adventure of all - finding true love.

Disney’s 1991 production, Beauty and the Beast was the first animated feature film in the history of the Academy Awards® to be nominated for Best Picture. Production of Beauty and the Beast took three and a half years to complete, requiring the talents of around 600 artists, animators, and technicians. The film became the most successful animated feature ever produced at that time.

The Belle collectible coin is the fourth officially Licensed Disney Princess coin release from New Zealand Mint and follows the previously released; Cinderella, Aurora and Ariel releases.

View the Disney Princess – Belle coins here.

Disney Princess - Belle Coins - NZ Mint


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