Thunderbird 3 Silver Coin

The countdown continues as we introduce the new Thunderbird 3, 1 oz silver coin. Thunderbirds were a 1960’s British television sci-fi hit, using puppets and special effects to follow the exploits of the International Rescue, a secret organisation established to save people who are in mortal danger. Set in 2065 the futuristic heroes are ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy, his family and their fleet of technologically advanced land-, sea-, air- and space-rescue vehicles launched from a secret island to battle against the forces of evil. Thunderbird 3 features the champion driver Alan Tracy and his space rescue and transport vehicle Thunderbird 3. The release of the Thunderbirds collectible coins is timed to coincide with an exciting part-CGI television remake, which has begun its broadcast in 2015, 50 years after the original. Check out the Thunderbird 3, 1 oz silver coin here.

Thunderbird 3 Coins - NZ Mint


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