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Star Wars Classic: Anakin Skywalker™ Gold & Silver Collectible Coins

**SOLD OUT** Star Wars Classic: Anakin Skywalker™ 1/4oz Gold Coin
**SOLD OUT** Star Wars Classic: Anakin Skywalker™ 1oz Silver Coin
**SOLD OUT** Star Wars Classic: Anakin Skywalker™ 1oz Gold Coin

Our expansive Star Wars™ Classic Coin Collection continues with the release of stunning 1oz and 1/4oz gold and 1oz silver coins featuring a young Anakin Skywalker™ in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace™.

These 2021 coins show Anakin piloting his Podracer to success in the Eve Boonta™ Classic, where beings from all over the galaxy compete in a death-defying competition on Tatooine.

Built in secret by the young slave, his shiny blue and silver Podracer was boasted to be the fastest ever to compete. It wasn't idle puffery by its creator -- when thrown into the cutthroat racing competition, this Podracer's performance gave Anakin the edge he needed to win the race and his freedom.

The race is considered to be among the most memorable action set pieces in the entire Skywalker saga. It’s not difficult to see why. The breathtaking nine-minute sequence is very fast and the Podracers are awesome. Two engines tethered to a cockpit, they’re vehicles built for speed and, to put it simply, look super cool.

Both the silver and gold coins are placed in high-quality inner coin cases and Star Wars themed boxes. A Certificate of Authenticity sits within the coin case and shows each coin’s unique number in the mintage and confirms the purity of the metal.

With a limited worldwide availability, don’t miss your opportunity to celebrate this outstanding piece of Star Wars movie history!

Released 4th May, 2021 | 1oz Silver RRP $99.00 USD | 1/4oz Gold RRP $800.00 USD | 1oz Gold RRP $2900.00 USD