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Disney Steamboat Willie Silver and Gold coins

1/4oz Gold Coin **MINTAGE SOLD OUT**
1oz Gold Coin **MINTAGE SOLD OUT**
1oz Silver Coin **MINTAGE SOLD OUT**

In 2014 our very first Disney collectible coin featured Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie, the Disney short film considered his debut, and sold out in record time! In celebration of the original Mickey we have produced three very limited-edition releases for 2020.

Each coin features a meticulously sculptured still frame of Mickey Mouse at the wheel in Disney’s Steamboat Willie from 1928. Wrapped around the top of the coin is the engraved name of this breakthrough cartoon and the year of its release.

The silver coin has a very limited mintage of 1,928 to reflect the year the film premiered [MINTAGE SOLD OUT], while the ¼ oz gold [MINTAGE SOLD OUT] and 1oz gold coins [MINTAGE SOLD OUT] have measly mintages of only 100 and 50 respectively. These are going to be very exclusive! Each coin is delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity, stating its number in the mintage, placed inside a quality wooden coin case and Mickey Mouse themed box.

Through the decades since its release, Steamboat Willie has received widespread critical acclaim, not only for introducing one of the world’s most popular cartoon characters, but for its innovation. The film is notable for being the first cartoon with synchronized sound. It was also the first cartoon to feature a post-produced soundtrack using a fifteen-piece band and the voice of Walt Disney himself as Mickey. It is also interesting to note the early style in which Mickey was drawn and the way in which his costume has changed over the intervening years.

If you’ve always wanted to own a piece of Mickey Mouse history then hurry to order yours - we bet they won’t be around for long, unlike Mickey Mouse himself!

Released 30 June, 2020 | RRP USD$95.00 1oz Silver | RRP USD$750.00 1/4oz Gold | RRP USD$2900.00 1oz Gold 


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