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A sight to behold! Action Comics #1 comes to life on this 1oz pure silver coin. The face of the coin shows a coloured image of the first issue of Action Comics from June 1938, featuring the first appearance of SUPERMAN™ and is printed on four sides!


COMIX - Action Comics #1 1oz Silver Coin

The most iconic comic book in the history of comics bursts onto this 1oz pure silver coin with a bang! This is the first COMIX™ release, a new collectible category based on the most popular and sought-after comic books ever. We will be releasing three more COMIX Coins this year, all DC epics, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Writers Joe Shushter and Jerry Siegel created a character they thought would represent the best of humanity and inspire hope during the brutal days of WWII. That character went on to become one of the most well-known creations in all of pop culture — SUPERMAN™. And it all began in the first issue of Action Comics from June 1938.

The story opens on a distant planet, where a scientist places his infant son into a spaceship sending it to planet Earth. Crash landing in rural Kansas, the boy is found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, where the couple takes in the boy as their own and grows up to be Earth’s mightiest champion.

Although originally published in the hundreds of thousands, the drive for paper during WWII, over-zealous parents, and the ravages of time combined to reduce the number of known surviving copies of Action Comics #1 to less than two hundred. Now, a copy of this comic which sold for 10 cents back in the day is the most valuable comic book of all time. In fact, it is the only comic book to have sold for more than $3 million for a single original copy.

Officially licensed, this brilliant coin is shaped into a rectangular coin to mimic a comic book. It shows a coloured image of the cover of the first issue of Action Comics from June 1938 and the sides of the coin represent the spines and pages. Flashes of mirror finish are also added to enrich the design and light relief gives it a textured look. As legal tender, the Ian Rank Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II is engraved on the obverse.

Each coin is tucked in black velvet and placed in a secure, custom-designed box that includes a large window for easy display. A Certificate of Authenticity is printed on the box, alongside the coin’s unique serial number in the limited mintage of 5,000 coins.

Order your copy of this rare collectible today!

  • 1oz pure silver coin inspired by the cover of Action Comics #1 from June 1938, which features the first appearance of SUPERMAN™.
  • Considered the beginning of the Super Hero genre and the most valuable comic book of all time.
  • Shaped into a rectangular coin and coloured on all sides to mimic a comic book.
  • Packaged in a secure, custom-designed with large window for easy display.
  • Created in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products
  • Incredible memento

Released 30 June, 2022 | RRP USD$109.00

Check out our friends from Variant Comics take on the first COMIX coin below!

@variantcomics Check out the epic Action Comics #1 1oz Silver Coin from New Zealand Mint at, and use our coupon code "VARIANT5" at checkout to save 5% on your order! #actioncomics #superman #collectible #comix ♬ original sound - Variant
Collection COMIX™
Metal 999 Fine Silver
Weight 1 troy oz
Finish Proof / Coloured
Denomination $2.00
Year of Issue 2022
Mintage 5,000
Effigy Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Country of Issue Niue
Dimensions 45mm x 31.5mm

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