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A stunning piece of art, this 1oz pure silver coin features the Justice tarot card, number Eleven in the Major Arcana. Frosting adds a textured look, and a mirror finish adds a reflective quality that catches the eye.


A stunning piece of art, this 1oz pure silver coin features Justice. It is numbered Eleven in the Major Arcana and is the twelfth release in our Tarot Card Coins Collection.

Justice represents justice itself, fairness, truth, and the law. The card conveys that you are being called to take responsibility for your actions and will be judged accordingly. If you haven’t acted in alignment with your Higher Self and for the greater good of others, you will be made to own up to your action. Although you may have done something you regret, it is important to know that a level of compassion and understanding accompanies Justice and that you will be treated fairly and without bias.

It also urges you to search for your truth. As you do, you will discover that things are not as clear-cut as you had thought. Be consciously aware of what you believe to be true and what you believe to be fair and ethical. Be prepared to dip into the murky waters — challenge yourself and explore new territories of your belief system.

In reverse, the card says that you know you’ve done something that isn’t morally right and that you have a choice — you can hide it, or you can own up to your mistakes and take action to resolve the situation. Whichever you choose, you will need to live with the consequences, so go with what feels right for you.

Meticulously crafted, this coin features striking colourisation of the Justice Tarot Card. Frosting adds a textured look, and a mirror finish adds a reflective quality that catches the eye. The obverse displays an engraved border around the Public Seal of Niue, confirming it as legal tender.

The worldwide availability is limited to just 2,000 coins!

In addition to its beautiful and meaningful design, the coin comes in a unique and protective custom-designed box. It has a velvet-lined interior to protect the coin from any damage. A Certificate of Authenticity and the coin’s unique serial number in the mintage are also provided. On the inside front cover, you will find the meaning of the card.

Its powerful message, beautiful design, and protective packaging make it a must-have for anyone who appreciates the beauty of Tarot. Order yours today!

  • Twelfth release in our popular Tarot Cards Coin Collection is Justice. This card is numbered Eleven in the emblematic Tarot cards known as the Major Arcana. It represents justice itself, fairness, truth and the law. It conveys that all actions have consequences and the importance of acting with kindness and compassion.
  • Legal tender coin with the Public Seal of Niue on the obverse.
  • Presented in custom-made book-style packaging. The meaning behind the card and the Certificate of Authenticity are printed alongside the coin.
  • Unique addition to any Tarot card or coin collection.  

Released 4 April, 2023 | RRP USD$95.00

Collection Tarot Cards Collectibles
Metal 999 Fine Silver
Weight 1 troy oz
Finish Proof / Coloured
Denomination $2
Year of Issue 2023
Mintage 2,000
Effigy Public Seal of Niue Coat of Arms $2 2023 Obverse
Country of Issue Niue
Dimensions 53mm x 36mm