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Chibi™ Coin Collection HARRY POTTER™ Series – RON WEASLEY™ 1oz Silver Coin


Chibi® Coin Collection HARRY POTTER™ Series – RON WEASLEY™ 1oz Silver Coin

Our Chibi® Coin Collection expands to include the loyal best friend of HARRY POTTER™, RON WEASLEY™.

The outer box is HARRY POTTER themed and includes a large window so you can easily display your limited-edition collectible.

Made from 1oz of shaped pure silver, this legal tender coin shows a coloured image of RON on one side and the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the other, confirming it as a legal tender coin. A Certificate of Authenticity is printed on the box which also details the coin’s unique number in this release, which only numbers 2,000 worldwide!

This is the seventh coin in our Chibi® Coin Collection – and the third for the HARRY POTTER series with the first two being HARRY himself and HERMIONE GRANGER™. So, here’s your opportunity to complete the golden trio!

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