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Chibi™ Coin Collection DC Comics Series – THE FLASH™ 1oz Silver Coin


Chibi® Coin Collection DC Comics Series – THE FLASH™ 1oz Silver Coin

The third limited-edition coin in the DC Comics series of our new Chibi® Coin Collection showcases that scarlet speedster, THE FLASH™. With our BATMAN™ Chibi® Coin already sold out you may need to be quick to grab this next one!

Defeating villains in the blink of an eye, THE FLASH is fast-moving, wise cracking hero. His superhuman speeds make him an essential member of the JUSTICE LEAGUE™. He can run on water, up buildings, pluck bullets out of the air and create sonic booms with the snap of his fingers. He knows every second is a gift and uses his immense power to help the innocent.

The coin is made from 1oz of pure silver which has been shaped and coloured to resemble THE FLASH. The Ian Rank Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is found on the obverse to confirm it as a legal tender coin.

As an officially licensed coin, it arrives inside a THE FLASH themed outer box made specifically for display. Inside the coin is protected by a specially designed case which has been moulded to the coin’s shape. An incredible collectible!

But with only 2,000 coins being minted, you’ll need to be quick to grab your scarlet speedster!

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