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This coin showcases a Knight Templar, a warrior from the ancient, elite fighting force famed for their bravery, dedication, and piety. The Templar is shown wearing his traditional white robes with a red cross, and is ready for battle with shield!


Warriors of History - Knight Templar 1oz Silver Chibi® Coin

Human history is filled with stories of legendary warrior people, who fought and conquered their enemies through the skillful use of weapons and their superior battle tactics. This third coin in our Warriors of History Chibi® Coin Series heroes the renowned Knights Templar.

The Order of the Poor Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem, abbreviated to the Knights Templar, was created by Hugues de Payens, a French nobleman in Jerusalem. They were first organized as a charity at the time of the Crusades, acting as bodyguards to pilgrims traveling to and from the Holy Land. Recognisable by a distinctive uniform – a white tunic with an eight-pointed blood-red cross, each Knight Templar pledged to die for his faith.

The Templars assumed greater military duties during the 12th century. Heavily armoured knights on their warhorses would charge at the enemy in an attempt to break opposition lines. They developed a reputation as fierce warriors, becoming a model and inspiration for other military orders. One of their most famous victories was in 1177 during the Battle of Montgisard, where some 500 Templars helped several thousand infantry to defeat Saladin's army of more than 26,000 soldiers.

As certified legal tender, this coin features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and a Certificate of Authenticity on the box. Alongside this certificate is the coin’s unique serial number to verify it as a limited edition in a mintage of just 2,000. It is crafted from a full 1oz of pure silver that has been shaped and coloured with slight relief to add interest.

Not only does the outer box complement the coin inside, but it also includes a large window to allow you to display your coin with ease. Be fierce and place your order NOW.

Note: A premium version of this item is not available.



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