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DC Comics – Action Comics #7 35g Pure Silver Foil


DC Comics – Action Comics #7 35g Pure Silver Foil

We are thrilled to start 2021 with a new release DC Comics Pure Silver Foil comic book cover. Made from 35g fine silver, this foil features a replica of Action Comics #7 cover from 1938. This was only the second time that SUPERMAN™ appeared on a cover, which makes the orignal comic one of the 25 most valuable of all time!

The cover art is by the character's creator Joe Shuster. Note that SUPERMAN's "S-Shield" was changed from his first introduction on Action Comics #1 (the version seen here is closer to the final look of the symbol). On this cover he is also wearing his familiar boots, not the ankle-high shoes he sported on #1. And, this cover was the first to show Superman "flying" - although in these early stories his power was simply to take gigantic leaps – as well as the first to show the word "SUPERMAN".

This 35g fine silver collectible incorporates colour printing in order to stay faithful to the original artwork. It is protected by an acrylic holder, which frames the foil and allows for easy display. Packaged inside a SUPERMAN-themed carrier, this is a truly precious collectible for any DC Comics or SUPERMAN fan.

Released 8 January, 2021 | RRP USD$130.00