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Disney – The Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie 1oz Silver Coin

Oogie Boogie is the main antagonist in Disney’s classic movie Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. He is a burlap sack filled with insects, spiders and a snake for a tongue. He is the legendary Boogeyman, as suggested by the Boogie in his name, even stating "you better pay attention now because I'm the Boogie Man" in his song The Oogie Boogie Song. He commands three not-so-loyal henchmen Lock, Shock and Barrel. The three live in a treehouse above Oogie Boogie. They feed him bugs through a metal chute that leads to his underground lair and, at one point in the movie, they even feed him Santa Claus!

This is the fourth limited edition 1oz silver coin in the collection. There is a limited mintage of only 3,000 for each coin and the first two to be released have already sold out! All the coins in the collection have an antique finish and are beautifully engraved and coloured.

This coin shows the renowned gambler Oogie Boogie brandishing his dice. Lock, Shock and Barrel are depicted underneath, and the background engraving completes the design with bats and cobwebs! The opposite side includes an engraved swirling pattern behind the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - which confirms it as a legal tender coin.

The custom-made book-style packaging is designed to complement this spooky coin. A large window allows you to easily display this treasured collectible without having to remove it from the packaging. Wanna take a chance on this one?

Released 28 April, 2021 | RRP USD$109.00

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