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This 1oz silver collectible Star Trek Chibi® Coin has been coloured and shaped to show Leonard "Bones" McCoy in his blue Starfleet uniform. The custom-made outer box complements the coin inside, and the effigy confirms it as legal tender.


Star Trek – Leonard McCoy 1oz Silver Chibi® Coin

Having already released coins for Captain Kirk and Spock, it was a good bet that Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy would be added to this Star Trek Chibi® Coin Series. We’re sure there are other key characters that fans will be expecting to see too in the future. But, today is all about Leonard H. McCoy, M.D.

McCoy was born in 2227. Rising to lieutenant commander, he was named chief medical officer under long-time friend and commander Captain James T. Kirk. He was also nicknamed “Bones” by Kirk, in reference to the old American nickname given to army surgeons.

Whenever tense situations arose during the U.S.S. Enterprise’s missions, McCoy never hesitated to voice his opinion, underline his expertise, and emphasize the fields in which he did not specialize. The chief surgeon’s signature “I’m a doctor, not a…” became his catchphrase!

This Chibi® Coin for the highly skilled physician has been coloured and shaped to show McCoy in his blue Starfleet uniform. The custom-made outer box complements the coin inside, which can be viewed through the large window, and allows you to display your precious collectible, untouched.

However, once inside the coin is further protected by an acrylic case, so you can take a close-up view of this unique piece of 1oz pure silver. As certified legal tender, it features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and there is a Certificate of Authenticity on the box.

Released 25 January, 2022 | RRP USD$99.00


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