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Incredible Star Wars™ Death Star™ 1kg Silver Coin Available Now from NZ Mint!


Star Wars™ Death Star™ 1kg Silver Coin

It had to be done. We have finally faithfully recreated the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the Death Star™, as a limited-edition 3D coin! Using a weighty 1kg pure antiqued silver, this is a very special collectible indeed. And, with a mintage of only 299 coins worldwide, if you get one, you’ll be the envy of all your friends!

Each of the Empire’s Death Stars was built around a terrifying weapon – a superlaser array capable of destroying a planet. According to legend, the ancient Sith™ used massive kyber crystals to create superweapons; during the Clone Wars™, the Geonosians™ revived the superlaser design. The Empire™ constructed the first Death Star in secret for nearly two decades before using it to destroy Alderaan™; the second Death Star boasted a more powerful superlaser, with improved targeting sensors and power regulators 

This one-of-a-kind collectible arrives in a specially designed coin case, packaged inside a Star Wars™ themed outer box. A Certificate of Authenticity bears the exclusive serial number of each incredible coin.

An additional acrylic display case and white gloves are provided to allow you to handle and proudly display this precious piece – we know you will want to!

Don’t wait a moment longer. Order yours now!

Released 17 February, 2021
RRP USD$3650.00