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The Empire’s elite shock troops, the Stormtroopers, are naturally the first to feature in the officially licensed Guards of the Empire Silver Coin Collection.

Stormtrooper ranks were filled by recruits trained for blind obedience and fanatical loyalty. On planets such as LothalTM, Stormtroopers became the face of the Empire, opposed by a brave few who dreamed of restoring freedom to the galaxy.

This coloured and engraved coin features a Stormtrooper with his blaster rifle in front of a horde of the infamous “bucketheads”. The design is completed with an antique finish.

Made from 1 oz of fine silver, this striking rectangular collectible is packaged in an innovative acrylic holder, which frames the coin and lets you display it easily. A uniquely numbered Certificate of Authenticity is included which, along with the outer box, is Star Wars branded and complements the overall design.

With a worldwide availability of only 2,000 coins, don’t miss this shot at starting your Guards of the Empire collection.

Released 14 January, 2020