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Star Wars mint Trading Coins - Sold Out!

(Note: The Star Wars™ Trading Coins set was released 11 August, 2023).

A Brand New Way to Collect!

Will it be you who discovers your favourite character, a coin with a low mintage, or even a coveted pure gold version?!

So, what are trading coins?

✨ Just like baseball cards, our new Trading coins are made to swap. Perhaps with your friends –or perhaps with strangers! In fact, it's easy to find fellow enthusiasts in our Private Facebook Group, trade on eBay, or find other creative ways to complete your set. And trust us, people have! Join the Facebook Group to find out who!

🤩 For each Trading Coins brand set, there will be 51 epic coin designs across six mini-sets –all released on the same day. So, once the boxes have sold out, the only way to get all the coins is to trade your way there! 

👀 In every box, you'll get TWO surprise coins. The box is secured with anti-tamper tape to ensure the mystery until you open it! FACT: Some customers have chosen not to open theirs. It's really up to you whether you stash –or swap! You'll also receive a booklet (sample only) detailing all the coins in each set!

🖤 The majority of the mintage is 1oz pure silver, but some sets will feature a stunning gilded finish. And, 10 lucky fans will receive a 1/4oz gold version! You might not want to swap that one 😉. 

📑 For reference, the mintages are:

  • 10 x 250 = 'Limited Mintage'
  • 10 x 150 = 'Uncommon Mintage'
  • 10 x 50 = 'Scare Mintage'
  • 10 x 30 = 'Rare Mintage'
  • 10 x 20 = 'Ultra-rare Mintage
  • 1 x 10 = 'Mythic Mintage' – totaling 5,010! And, since the gold coin has a mintage of only 10, it makes these coins the most exclusive Star Wars coins we’ve ever developed!

So, now you know how it works, sign up below to be notified as soon as the next set drops (and find out what brands are coming soon 🤫).

  • Look for "Trading Coins" on our Coming Soon page and sign up to be notified when the next set drops!

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