Creatures of Greek Mythology - Centaur Silver CoinCOIN SOLD OUT
  • Creatures of Greek Mythololgy Centaur Silver Coin
  • Creatures of Greek Mythololgy Centaur Silver Coin
  • Creatures of Greek Mythololgy Centaur Silver Coin
  • Creatures of Greek Mythololgy Centaur Silver Coin

Creatures of Greek Mythology - Centaur Silver Coin

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This stunning Centaur 1 oz Silver Coin is the second coin to be released in the Creatures of Mythology collection.

The design shows an engraved illustration of the majestic Centaur hunting using bow and arrow. Centaurs are a mythological creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse. It was said this primitive race inhabited the mountains and forests of Magnesia, by the Aegean sea. They lived in mountain caves, hunted wild animals for food and armed themselves with rocks and tree branches.

This stunning coin is packaged in a brown, faux-suede soft drawstring bag, styled after ancient Greek money pouches. The coin sits in an especially designed pocket within the money pouch and the Certificate of Authenticity is printed on the inside of the packaging and there is a worldwide limited mintage of only 2,000 coins.

The Creatures of Greek Mythology - Centaur 1 oz Silver Coin would appeal to those who have interests in Greek mythology or historical culture - order yours now!

Style Number: 30-00465

Precious Metal:
Silver Coins
1 oz

Technical Specifications

  • Coin Metal: 999 Fine Silver
  • Coin Weight: 1 oz
  • Coin Finish: Proof
  • Coin Diameter: 40mm (Nominal)
  • Coin Edge: Milled
  • Coin Denomination: $2
  • Year of Issue: 2016
  • Coin Mintage: 2,000
  • Effigy: Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
  • Country of Issue: Niue

Coin Story

Centaurs were mythological creatures with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse. Caught between their two natures, the Centaur appeared in many myths, at times portrayed with the snub nose and pointed ears of a Satyr.

It was said they inhabited the mountains and forests of Magnesia, making their homes in mountain caves, hunting animals for food, and arming themselves with branches and rocks. Most Centaur were governed by the bestial side of their nature, being driven wild with even a small amount of wine.

One of the best known centaurs was Chiron who possessed his horsely half by virtue of his father, the god Cronus, taking the form of a horse when he was conceived. Chiron was renowned for his civility and wisdom serving as tutor to many famous heroes including Heracles and Jason. He taught music and medicine, as well as the skills of the hunt. Though he was immortal, Chiron was accidentally wounded by Heracles with an arrow treated with the blood of the monster Hydra. This caused him insufferable pain. When Heracles asked his father to free Prometheus and Zeus demanded that someone must be sacrificed, Chiron volunteered to free Prometheus and also himself from pain.

Another story was when Heracles was entertained by the Centaur Pholus. Upon arriving, he made the mistake of demanding a beaker of wine. Pholus could not refuse his guest, and unearthed a jug of the liquid which he kept buried underground out of fear.



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