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Order Status Says 'Unfulfilled', or Awaiting Delivery?

This page lists any items that may be affected by shipping delays*. Please bookmark for easy reference.

Current fulfillment / restock delays (this information can also be found on the product or blog pages):

Note: Any dates mentioned are a guide only and are subject to change. For orders including gold items, please allow 2-5 extra working days for fulfillment, depending on demand.

If your order contains one of the items listed above, please refer to the shipping time frames mentioned above to determine when your order will ship. i.e. if one product from your order is shipping in April, and one is not shipping until late June, your order will not ship until June, as our policy is to send orders out only once all items can be fulfilled.

Related Questions:

My item is saying 'Unfulfilled' in my Customer Account, what does this mean?

Unfulfilled status simply means an item is yet to ship. If you have received an email confirmation this is your assurance that your order has processed and is queued**.

When will my order ship?

This will depend on whether your order contains an item on back-order. An item on back-order will have a notice on the product page/image and a popup will appear at the time of purchase.  If the item is in stock, it will usually ship in 4-8 days from receipt of the order.

However, patience is requested if your order has not shipped within 4-8 days and it doesn't contain one of the items mentioned above, as sometimes we experience large order volumes which we work hard to clear as soon as possible.

Can I cancel an order if it is still 'unfulfilled'?

No. All sales are final - even if the order is yet to ship. Once processed we cannot cancel or amend orders. Please see our Refund Policy for more.


*While we take every care to ensure all items are ready to ship, sometimes port delays or other restrictions can push out delivery estimates in cases where we are awaiting packaging components/restrictions to ease.

**If there are any issues regarding your order and its confirmation you will be contacted by NZ Mint directly.