Supersonic Jets Coin Set - Two Coin Set

Metal.999 Silver
Year of Issue2010


New Zealand Mint has issued  a two coin set with coloured commemorative coins as part of the Supersonic Jets Series.


About the Design


Aerospatiale-BAC Concorde

The Aerospatiale-BAC Concorde is a turbo jet powered supersonic passenger airliner, a supersonic transport (SST). It was a product of an Anglo-French government treaty, combining the manufacturing efforts of Aerospatiale and the British Aircraft Corporation. First flown in 1969, Concorde entered service in 1976 and continued for 27 years.

Tupolev Tu -144

 The Tu-144 was outwardly similar to the Concorde, under development at the same time. The Tu- 144 was Tupolevs only supersonic commercial airliner venture, as the company’s other large supersonic aircraft were designed and built to military specifications.

A prototype first flew on 31 December 1968 near Moscow, two months before the Concorde.


Reverse Design

The reverse of the first coin features a coloured image of the Aerospatiale-BAC Concorde along with an engraved heading and the metal quality and weight of the coin.

The reverse of the second coin features a coloured image of the Tupolev Tu -144 along with an engraved heading and the metal quality and weight of the coin.

Obverse Design

The obverse of the coin features the Raphael Maklouf effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.


Limited Mintage

No more than 15,000 coins will be issued by the New Zealand Mint. The coins are legal tender of Niue Island.



Each coin set is presented in a Mach Meter box replica. This is in turn enclosed within an outer box decorated with an image of the Supersonic Jets.



Each coin set comes with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity issued by New Zealand Mint


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