Can New Zealand Mint mint coins for Governments?

Yes. New Zealand Mint has produced commemorative coins under the authority of the Reserve Bank of Fiji, Office of the Commissioner for Pitcairn Islands, Government of Cook Islands, Government of Nepal and Government of Niue.

Can New Zealand Mint value past coin issues?

If you would like to know the buy-back price of a bullion coin, please see the product section in the Bullion website.

If you would like to know the value of a Commemorative Coin, you can contact Eccles Coins and Banknotes on +64 9 373 2320 or look in your local directory under “Coin Dealers”.


Does New Zealand Mint make customised gifts?

We offer a range of exclusive, customised corporate gifts for special clients, staff incentives, occasion awards or gifts to acknowledge international relations. All corporate gifts are to the highest quality and can include company logos and branding. If you would like to find out more please view our Private Minting services in the Commemorative Coins section of the website.