New To Bullion?

There are five key reasons people buy gold and silver

1 -  High demand To take advantage of a secure and tangible commodity in which demand is generally higher than supply.
2 -  Inflation To protect assets against inflation and/or a decline in currencies.
3 -  Diversification To diversify an investment portfolio.
4 -  Wealth preservation To preserve wealth over a long period of time.
5 -  Asset protection To protect assets in periods of geopolitical and financial unrest.

Gold is similar to property as it is a physical asset. However, there are two key differences between the two – gold is very portable and liquid. Gold is bought and sold very easy by calling the New Zealand Mint or any other bullion dealer worldwide. Property on the other hand takes time and effort to buy and sell. Gold is a very compact way to store value – the value of a three bedroom house can easily fit into a shoe box.
Advisors agree that diversifying the assets you invest in is one of the best ways to control your exposure to risk. This applies both if you are a seasoned professional or you are relatively new to investment.

Gold tends to reduce overall risk in an investment portfolio. Why? The most effective way to diversify risk and protect wealth created in stock and financial markets is to invest in assets that are negatively correlated with those markets. Gold’s asset performance has traditionally been the most negatively correlated to stocks.


Buying and selling bullion is easy and straightforward when you use New Zealand Mint. To make buying gold and silver bullion even easier we have provided precious metal information on our website. This however, is no substitute for independent advice, so please do your own research.