If you are in Auckland, NZ

If you are in Auckland, NZ

We can facilitate buyback transactions over the counter from our premises Level 1, 48 Greys Avenue, Auckland 1010.

On arrival, we will:
- Create a profile with your basic information.
- Take a copy of your ID (current driver’s licence or passport)
- Create a buyback proforma invoice which will outline what you are selling, the quantity and total amount to be paid.
- Payment can be made to you by cash (subject to availability and transaction limits) or bank transfer.

If you are outside Auckland, NZ

If you are outside Auckland, NZ

Please courier your bullion to the below address. Shipping and liability when sending your bullion is between yourself and your chosen courier company.

New Zealand Mint
Level 1, 48 Greys Avenue
Auckland 1010

Please include with your parcel:
- Your name, address, phone number, email address and bank account number for payment.
- A copy of your ID (current driver’s license or passport).
- An itemised list of what you have sent.

Pricing can only be locked in once we physically have the bullion. Once we have processed the buyback, we will email you the buyback proforma invoice for your records.

What about payment?

Payments are made by bank transfer in NZD or USD.

For smaller buybacks in person, we may be able to offer a cash payment.

Kindly contact us to verify the availability of cash payments and enquire about payment lead times, as delays may occur beyond our standard transfer timeframes.

What do we buy back?

Anything we have sold we will happily buy back. We may also take other 999+ silver coins and bars, any carat gold coins, bars and gold jewellery. All items sold back to us are weighed and x-rayed. Gold jewellery buyback rates are determined by the purity and weight of each piece.

Please contact us to confirm what you wish to sell and the resulting price estimate. Any pricing provided is indicative and subject to change.

Have more questions? We are happy to help. Please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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