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Dinosaurs – Stegosaurus 1oz Silver Coin


The statuesque Stegosaurus features on the next release in our Dinosaur coin collection struck in 1oz pure silver.

Stegosaurus was a large, plant-eating dinosaur that lived during the late Jurassic Period, around 150 million years ago, primarily in western North America. Fossil evidence shows that Stegosaurus was about the size of bus at an impressive 9 meters long and about 4 meters tall.

The name Stegosaurus comes from Greek words ‘stegos’ meaning roof and ‘sauros’ meaning lizard. The name was derived from the original belief that the plates that this dinosaur is so famed for lay flat along its back like shingles on a roof. But most evidence now supports the idea that the plates alternated in two rows from the dinosaur's neck down to its rear. Though no one is still certain what purpose the plates served! Stegosaurus also had spikes at the end of its flexible tail. Experts think these spikes were used for defense against predators

The reverse of the coin shows the Stegosaurus in glorious colour against an engraved prehistoric landscape. The coin is antiqued for further effect. The obverse features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the coin being legal tender in Niue.

This precious collectible is presented in a quality coin case and themed outer box. A numbered Certificate of Authenticity is included in the coin case confirming the limited mintage of only 2,000 coins. Our T-Rex coin is already sold out, so if you’re a fan of this one you might not want to wait an age to order!

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