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The Executioner Trooper™is the sixth 1oz pure silver coin to be released in our very popular Star Wars™ Guards of the Empire Coin Collection. The Executioner Trooper coin features a coloured image of the Trooper, ax raised and ready to strike. The detailed, engraved background shows Kylo Ren™, Captain Phasma™, the commander of the First Order’s legions of Stormtroopers, and more troopers ready for battle.

Public executions are part of the First Order’s way of clamping down on disloyalty. Execution duty isn’t the domain of a specialised unit, but an assignment that any Stormtrooper may draw. Executioner Troopers wear unique armor with black carbon-finish accents. They also have a distinctive helmet with a black stripe over their right eye. This helmet prevents their serial number being broadcast to squadmates, leaving their identities anonymous to their peers. A vocoder in the helmet can also disguise their voice, protecting their identity even further.

This very special, officially licensed coin has an antique finish which adds to the menacing feel. It is packaged in a Star Wars™ branded box and placed inside an acrylic case for display. The magnetized lid can be easily opened to view the coin’s detail close up. A Certificate of Authenticity confirms its unique number in the limited 2,000-coin mintage.

Don’t miss out on this latest coin in the collection!

Star Wars: Guards of the Empire - Executioner Trooper™ 1oz Silver Coin Available Now>>
Released 9 April, 2021 | RRP $USD99.00

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