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Dungeons & Dragons marks its 50th anniversary! This 2oz pure silver coin features detailed engravings of the red dragon and D20 – symbols that have ignited the imaginations of players since the games beginning.


Dungeons & Dragons 50th Anniversary – Red Dragon D20 2oz Silver Coin

Dungeons & Dragons, the legendary tabletop role-playing game that has captivated adventurers for half a century marks its 50th anniversary! This 2oz coin is a pure silver tribute to the many stories, quests, and friendships that have unfolded around the gaming table.

A Token of the D&D Legacy

The coin features detailed engravings of the red dragon and D20 – symbols that have ignited the imaginations of players since the games beginning. Fully engraved with meticulous care, the design includes a timeless antique finish and added relief which transforms it into a miniature work of art. Turn to the obverse to find the epic dice detailing continued on the back, along with the Public Seal of Niue confirming it’s legal tender.

The Red Dragon

The odour of sulphur and pumice surrounds a red dragon, whose swept-back horns and spinal frill define its silhouette. Its beaked snout vents smoke at all times, and its eyes dance with flame when it is angry.

Red dragons lair in high mountains or hills, dwelling in caverns under snow-capped peaks, or within the deep halls of abandoned mines and dwarven strongholds. Caves with volcanic or geothermal activity are the most highly prized red dragon lairs, creating hazards that hinder intruders and letting searing heat and volcanic gases wash over a dragon as it sleeps.  

Captivating Display

To further elevate the enchantment, each coin is encased in special edition packaging, adorned with flames and dragon motifs. Display it alongside your coin to create a striking ensemble that showcases the artistry, legacy, and fiery spirit of D&D. Officially licensed, it also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and the coin’s unique in the limited 1,000 mintage.

Reserve yours and roll into nostalgia!

  • 2oz pure silver coin for Dungeons & Dragons 50th anniversary!
  • Uniquely shaped with antiqued engraving, it features the red dragon with brilliant dice detailing on both the reverse and obverse.
  • Presented in themed packaging to complement the coin.
  • Officially licensed by Hasbro.
  • Limited mintage of just 1,000.
  • A must-have collectible for all fans of D&D!

Released 23 February, 2024 | RRP USD$219.00

Collection Hasbro
Metal 999 Fine Silver
Weight 2 troy oz
Finish Antique
Denomination $5
Year of Issue 2024
Mintage 1,000
Effigy Public Seal of Niue Coat of Arms Obverse
Country of Issue Niue
Dimensions 45mm x 70mm

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