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Boba Fett’s Starfighter™ 1oz Silver Coin 

For our latest Star Wars™ collectible coins* we’ve featured the notorious ship piloted by Boba Fett™, his Slave I Starfighter™. 

A powerful pursuit craft made famous by Jango Fett™ in the days of the Republic™, this ship was inherited by Boba Fett for his career as a bounty hunter. The aged but effective ship was loaded with hidden defensive and offensive weaponry and equipment, and had a reputation earned from decades of successfully capturing fugitives. For those fleeing justice, Slave I’s distinctive silhouette became a sight as feared as Fett’s battered Mandalorian mask.

In The Mandalorian™, Fett and his new partner Fennec Shand flew Slave I to the planet Tython, where they had tracked the Mandalorian™ Din Djarin™ and his Force™-sensitive foundling, Grogu™. After Djarin finished his mission, Fett rescued him, and as Slave I was flying away from the scene it was targeted by TIE fighters. This moment is captured on the coins using relief and frosting for contrast against the glass-like background. Colour has also been added to the silver coin to make the Starfighter ‘pop’.

Both coins arrive inside a black coin case, nestled in protective black velvet. The case is placed inside a Star Wars themed box. Each coin has a Certificate of Authenticity confirming it as limited-edition made from pure silver or gold. Altogether a magnificent keepsake for any Star Wars or coin collector.

There will only be 2,000 of the silver coins available worldwide, while the gold coins are limited to a very desirable 50 only! If you want to own one of these Starfighters, then be quick to place your order.

*The gold coin is only available exclusively via EMK only.

Released 10 December, 2021 | RRP USD $109.00

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