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mint Trading Coins – Star Wars™

The time has come, and the excitement is real… mint Trading Coins have arrived! We’re kicking off with Star Wars™ and this range is seriously HUGE! 6 different sets, a total of 51 coin designs, each one individually numbered with its own rare mintage – from a low 250 to a tiny 10! This is easily the largest range of coins with some of the lowest mintages we’ve ever developed for Star Wars.

The 6 sets are named after how limited the mintages are – set 1 is Limited Mintage (250), set 2 is Uncommon Mintage (150), set 3 is Scarce Mintage (50), set 4 is Rare Mintage (30), set 5 is Ultra-rare mintage (20) and set 6 is Mythic Mintage (10).

Sets 1-5 are made of 1oz pure silver, with the Ultra-rare mintage coins featuring a special gilded finish! The coins display coloured imagery of the favourite characters in each trilogy and elsewhere in the Star Wars Galaxy, as well as the iconic movie posters - how exciting!

Set 6, Mythic Mintage, is made of ¼oz of pure gold – you could be one of just 10 incredibly lucky fans in the world to own this coin in your collection! These are fully engraved to display the Star Wars logo and Darth Vader’s helmet.

All coins have a mirror-finish frame, accentuating the pure silver or gold, along with unique frosted detailing to show what set its in. The coin’s individual number is engraved on the front – reminding you how special it is!

Inside each box will be 2 coins and until you open it up, you won’t know what they are! Imagine that excitement when you open to find your favourite character, a coin with a low number or particularly low mintage (let’s be real, they’re all low!) or even… a pure gold coin!

The custom packaging is of course secured with anti-tamper tape to ensure no funny business goes on. Inside the box is also a booklet showing each coin in its respective set.

You may decide to keep your coins to show off in your collection or maybe an opportunity will arise to trade … let the fun begin!


  • These first mint Trading Coins are for Star Wars™!
  • 6 sets featuring 51-coin designs – from your favourite characters to the iconic movie posters.
  • A sleek, Star Wars-branded box will hold 2 mystery coins from the 6 sets, secured by anti-tamper tape.
  • Each set has a varying limited mintage ranging from a low 250 to a tiny 10.
  • Most are 1oz pure silver, one set is gilded, and the set of 10 are ¼oz pure gold!
  • The coin designs feature a striking, coloured image with a mirror-finish frame – the gold coin is fully engraved. Each coin has its individual number engraved on the front.
  • Officially licensed by Lucasfilm Ltd.
  • Inside is a booklet displaying all the coins in the range for your reference.
  • A unique and exciting series – either keep both in your Star Wars collection or trade!

Released 11 August, 2023 I RRP USD$299.00 

Collection Star Wars™ Classic
Metal Various
Weight Various
Finish Various
Denomination Various
Year of Issue 2023
Mintage Various
Effigy Public Seal of Niue Coat of Arms Obverse
Country of Issue Niue
Dimensions Various