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DC Comics – Sensation Comics #1 available now! | New Zealand Mint


DC Comics – Sensation Comics #1

Our latest DC Comics Cover Pure Silver Foil for Sensation Comics #1, from January 1942, is a sought-after comic featuring the first appearance of WONDER WOMAN™ on a cover.

The very first appearance of the Amazon Warrior in a comic had been just a month before in All Star Comics #8. WONDER WOMAN's origin story continued from that issue to her spotlight appearance in this new title, where she would reign for 106 issues to become the embodiment of beauty, brains and brawn. Helping her navigate the unfamiliar world of man were her superhuman strength and speed, as well as her trademark bulletproof bracelets and Golden Lasso of Truth.

Officially licensed, this large format 35g pure silver replica cover incorporates both colour and engraving, but still remains true to the original cover design. It arrives packaged in a sturdy acrylic cover for protection and ease of display. You won’t want to hide this one away! The themed carrier features a more recent image of WONDER WOMAN on the reverse.

With quality copies of this comic in limited supply, this is the perfect addition to any collection!

Released June, 2020 | RRP USD$130.00