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Famous Star Wars™ droid C-3PO™ is presented in 1oz silver which has been shaped and plated in gold. The use of frosting and a mirror finish further define this unique collectible. Also instantly recognisable is his exasperated “hands-on-hips” stance.


This product went live at 10.00am 4 May, 2022 Auckland/Pacific time and was out of stock at 10.32am. We can confirm all stock has now sold out. Please see our stockists if you missed out this time!

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Special Release Star Wars™ – C-3PO™ 1oz Silver Chibi® Coin

Following the success of the R2D2 coin in our Star Wars™ Chibi® Coin Collection, we are thrilled to bring to market the next equally famous Star Wars droid – C-3PO™! Of course, we wanted this golden droid to shine as brightly as he should, so we created this special release for Star Wars Day as an exclusive gilded version!

The coin is still made from 1oz silver which has been shaped and plated in gold. The use of frosting and a mirror finish further define this unique version, which is instantly recognisable in his exasperated “hands-on-hips” stance.

C-3PO has a long history with the Skywalker™ Saga. Although he longed for more peaceful times, his continued service to the Resistance™ — and his knowledge of more than seven million forms of communication — kept the worry-prone droid in the frontlines of galactic conflict. Programmed for etiquette and protocol, he was built by a young Anakin Skywalker™, and has been a constant companion to astromech R2-D2™. Over the years, he was involved in some of the galaxy’s most defining moments and thrilling battles. 

Like all the Chibi Coins before it, this coin is also legal tender - with the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II engraved on the opposite side. The coin is placed inside a specially designed coin capsule, with an insert molded to the coin’s shape, for protection.

The box features more images of the fretful droid and a large window to allow for easy display of this precious collectible. A Certificate of Authenticity is printed on the box along with the coin’s unique number in the mintage of just 2,000.

This box has then been placed in a click-close acrylic display case - so you can keep this prized collectible in pristine condition. A label reinforcing the coin as a 2022 Star Wars Day special release is displayed on the front.

If you have the R2-D2 Chibi Coin then you can put the team back together. But, be quick, this one-of-a-kind coin is likely to be in high demand by fans everywhere!

Released 4 May, 2022 | RRP USD$119.00

Watch the video here >>

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