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The Brave And The Bold #28 35g Pure Silver Foil

Our first DC Comics Cover Pure Silver Foil for 2020 showcases The Brave and the Bold #28 from Feb-March 1960.

This particular issue introduced the JUSTICE LEAGUETM for the first time, as the world’s greatest heroes teamed up to fight Starro the Conqueror!

This 35g pure silver replica cover incorporates both colour and engraving, but still remains true to the dramatic original by Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson.

Packaged in an innovative acrylic cover for easy display, it arrives inside a themed carrier featuring three of the JUSTICE LEAGUE characters on the reverse. All round a fabulous collectible for any JUSTICE LEAGUE or DC Comics fan.

Add this unique piece of comic book history to your collection today!

Buy The Brave And The Bold #28 35g Pure Silver Foil now! >>