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Designed by medal maker Asamat Baltaev, DiS., this 1oz silver coin shows Merlin in full glory! The dignified wizard wields a magic staff, while the two dragons symbolize the conflict between the Celts and the Saxons behind him in the background.


The Legend of King Arthur - Merlin and Dragons 1oz Silver Coin

This item went live today, 29 September at 10.00am Pacific/Auckland time, and all limited available stock was exhausted at 11.40am. Note: stock will not return. Learn more about stock states here.

Please note our shipping from 20th October (earlier than stated). Any orders containing this item will not ship until this date.

New Zealand Mint is pleased to offer our customers the final pre-order-only release from The Legend of King Arthur 1oz silver coin collection from our partnering mint, the Czech Mint. But hurry, we have very limited stocks only from the worldwide mintage of 1,000 coins!

This four-part miniseries inspired by The Legend of King Arthur continues with a portrait of the loyal and powerful wizard Merlin!

Designed by medal maker Asamat Baltaev, DiS., the coin's reverse shows shows Merlin in full glory. The dignified wizard wields a magic staff in front of two fighting dragons - the aftermath of waking the former sleeping dragons, as told in the famous tale - which symbolizes the conflict between the Celts and the Saxons.

As per the previous coin in the series, a cross is indicated in the background which, combined with the circular shape of the coin, refers to the legend's Celtic-Christian origins. The composition is completed by the inscription MERLIN - DRAGONS.

King Arthur himself represented the ideal medieval ruler - a model of chivalry, courage and honour and, with Merlin by his side, changed Britain's folklore forever. Although after fifteen centuries it is impossible to distinguish between fact and fiction, according to medieval history King Arthur was a legendary British ruler who led the defence against the Saxons and laid the foundations of an island empire that has been preserved to this day.

The obverse of this coin depicts a round table, together with the coats of arms of individual knights of the round table.

Produced by the Czech Mint and legal tender in Niue, the coin bears the Queen Elizabeth II effigy, the nominal value of $1, and the year of issue 2021.

The previous releases have been was extremely popular and sold out fast - so you won't want to sleep on this one!

No refunds on pre-sales.

Released by NZ Mint, 29 September, 2021 | RRP $89.00


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