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One for the Star Wars™ collectors! This 1oz coin has been shaped and coloured to replicate the Scout Trooper™'s unique visor/helmet. A full 1oz of pure silver, the design includes additional relief to give it a more 3D feel.

Released in 1983, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™ was a fitting conclusion to the original trilogy as Luke Skywalker™ and the Rebel Alliance™ finally overcame the dark forces of Darth Vader™ and the evil Galactic Empire™. On Endor, the lighter armoured, but more mobile, Scout Troopers™ rode speeder bikes while patrolling the forests. Their mission was to guard against threats to the shield generator protecting the second Death Star during its construction in orbit above the moon. But were they the best Trooper for the job? It turns out the answer is, no. The Battle of Endor was undoubtedly one of their most embarrassing defeats!

This coin has been shaped and coloured to replicate their unique helmet. A full 1oz of pure silver, the design includes additional relief to give it a more 3D feel. Each Scout Trooper helmet had a visor derived from macrobinocular scopes that allowed the Trooper to see longer distances, for sniping and reconnaissance purposes. These visors were also equipped with terrain-following tactical readouts and could detect energy emissions, offered night vision and designated target magnification. One of the more unusual features of this helmet is that the faceplate was able to be lifted – but this was not seen in the movies.

Packed inside a compact and modern Star Wars branded case with a large window, you can easily display this fabulous collectible without removing it from the packaging. The Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II can be seen on the obverse of the coin confirming it as legal tender. There is also a Certificate of Authenticity on the back of the case along with a holographic sticker showing each coin’s unique number in the 10,000 mintage.

This coin would make a unique addition to any Star Wars™ collection. We suggest you make it your mission to get one.

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Released 16 November, 2021 | RRP USD$99.00
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