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This officially licensed 1oz pure silver Chibi™ Coin in the WONDER WOMAN™ 1984 Series features THE CHEETAH™ with premium number guaranteed! The coin is shaped and coloured with her skin yellowed and covered in large freckles, similar to the spots on a cheetah.


WONDER WOMAN™ 1984 - THE CHEETAH™ 1oz Silver Chibi® Coin

THE CHEETAH™ is the next DC Comics character to feature in our Chibi® Coin Collection. She is WONDER WOMAN’s most viciously brutal foe, cementing her reputation as one of the DC Universe’s most iconic—and feared—villains.

True to any persona from the world of comic books, there have been several incarnations of THE CHEETAH over the years. The character's tenure in the pages of DC actually dates back to WONDER WOMAN’s adventures in 1943.

As her name suggests, she has the proportionate speed of the fastest land animal on Earth. She also possesses a certain degree of super-strength and super-endurance. Along with the enhanced senses of a large cat, including perfect night vision, incredible hearing and sense of smell as well as razor-sharp sharp claws and fangs, she is capable of going toe-to-toe with WONDER WOMAN.

Officially licensed, this coin is made from 1oz of pure silver to resemble THE CHEETAH. Despite its shape and colour this coin is still legal tender, with the Ian Rank Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II engraved on the obverse. As a precious collectible, it is protected by a specially designed case that has been moulded to its shape.

The coin is packaged inside a WONDER WOMAN 1984 themed outer box displaying an image of THE CHEETAH from the movie. A Certificate of Authenticity is printed on the box, along with confirmation of the coin’s unique number in the mintage. But with a mintage of only 2,000, you’ll need to be fast to get yours!

Released 13 July, 2021 | RRP USD $99.00