Whales of the Southern Ocean - Fin Whale Silver CoinCOIN SOLD OUT
  • Fin Whale 1oz Silver Collectible Coin
  • Fin Whale 1oz Silver Collectible Coin
  • Fin Whale 1oz Silver Collectible Coin
  • Fin Whale 1oz Silver Collectible Coin
  • Fin Whale 1oz Silver Collectible Coin

Whales of the Southern Ocean - Fin Whale Silver Coin

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The Fin Whale – 1 oz Silver Coin is part of the Whales of the Southern Ocean coin series from New Zealand Mint.

The coin reverse features an engraving of the mighty fin whale, with its distinctive back fin, set against the blue of the Southern Ocean.

Individually packaged in a perspex coin case, it fits neatly inside its ocean themed outer packaging. The uniquely numbered Certificate of Authenticity is contained within the packaging.

In keeping with this coin series, the country of issue is Pitcairn - an island group in the South Pacific Ocean.

With a worldwide mintage of only 2,000, this would make a special gift for animal enthusiasts and coin collectors.

Style Number: 30-00551

Precious Metal:
Silver Coins
1 oz

Technical Specifications

  • Coin Metal: 999 Fine Silver
  • Coin Weight: 1 Troy oz
  • Coin Finish: Proof/Coloured
  • Coin Diameter: 40mm (Nominal)
  • Coin Edge: Milled
  • Coin Denomination: $2
  • Year of Issue: 2016
  • Coin Mintage: 2,000
  • Effigy: Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
  • Country of Issue: Pitcairn Islands

Coin Story

The fin whale gets its name from the fin on its back, near the tail.

Fin whales can measure 27m, weigh up to 80 tonnes and live for 90 years. Its back and sides are dark grey to black with the belly being white.

It feeds mainly on krill but also eats schooling fish. It uses its baleen plates for filter-feeding and has been known to consume 2,800kg of food a day.

When hunting for food, it can dive for up to 20 minutes to depths of up to 500m. It usually exhibits 5-8 "blows" before a long dive and rarely breaches out of the water.

It is the fastest swimming of all the large whales and is sometimes referred to as the "greyhound of the sea", swimming at up to 48 km/h in short bursts when alarmed.

Often found in small pods of 2-7 individuals, fin whales behave co-operatively to be more effective feeders. Their conservation status is currently classified as endangered after being heavily hunted.

Fin whales produce low pitched sounds, grunts and moans for communication. Because their powerful sounds can carry vast distances, fin whales may stay in touch with each other over long distances.


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