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The Lovers is the seventh release in our popular 1oz Silver Collectible Tarot Coin Series. The Lovers card is numbered Six in the Major Arcana and features a man and a woman symbolising the importance of balance between two people.


The Lovers 1oz Silver Coin - Tarot Card Now!

The Lovers is the seventh release in our popular Tarot Coin Collection. The card is numbered Six in the timeless Tarot cards known as the Major Arcana. The Lovers features a man and a woman symbolising the importance of balance between two people. Even though this card represents love, at its core, it is about choice.

The Lovers encourage you to make choices on who you want to be in this lifetime, how you connect with others and on what level, and about what you will and won’t stand for. To make good choices, you need to be clear about your personal beliefs and values – and stay true to them.

In reverse, the Lovers card can suggest inner conflicts and being at war with yourself rather than with external forces. It indicates disharmony and a struggle to balance your inner union. Are you punishing yourself for something you have done, or consider yourself responsible for? The Lovers suggest you need to focus on articulating your personal belief systems and values. That they will guide you in making better decisions.

Overall, the Lovers can refer to any passionate situation that enhances our lives. It illustrates the power of love, desire, destiny, romance, and attraction. It is generally a card of positivity.

This must-have 1oz pure silver coin has been coloured, engraved, and shaped. The obverse of the coin has an engraved border around the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, confirming it as legal tender.

It arrives inside specially-designed packaging which opens like a book to reveal the coin. The Certificate of Authenticity is printed on the box confirming the coin’s legal tender status, along with the coin’s unique place in the mintage of just 2,000. On the inside front cover, you will find the meaning behind the card.

This coin is the perfect addition to your coin Tarot collection. Make the right choice today!

Released 6 April, 2022 | RRP USD$95.00

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